Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Get Hated On! Owenart's RX Swagg Seven Exclusive!

So the other day, i check all my favorite blogs like i always do. Some with exciting news and some with the same old static electricity. This particular forum caught my eye and decided to find out what all the drama was about. Owenart has been building model's for as long as i can remember, His latest was his infamous carbon crazy RX7 with alot of Carbon to make this even lighther than your average F1 racer. Little that i know, there was alot of mixed emotions about his latest build, Some liked the paint job and wheel combo, Some Dreaded the Pedo Bear Facination on top of the hood. What do you think? Hater gonna hate? or just your I'm entitled to my own opinion routine? with all this fuss going around and feelings thrown up in the air, and the owner dosen't even know it! who knows what owenart will come up with next! and to be honest, Me neither but i cant wait! Head over to the forum to read all the fuss.



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